Friday, May 12, 2017

Update on status of the game

I get asked on a fairly regular basis about a release date for Wrestling Legends so Im just going to explain a few things to help people understand where we are at and whats involved.

Currently there are 5/6 people working on different parts of the game at different speeds on different time-frames, at the moment I'm putting together the work of 4 people into the latest version of the game so that we all have the same version. In this next update I will be unlocking the final 10 slots for wrestlers that are possible in the game, some of those 10 mods are made or almost finished and others havent been created yet.

Everyday something gets finished and ticked off the list and everyday something new gets decided on and added to the list.

The game evolves on a daily basis making it impossible to judge when it will be finished but I can tell you that its very close.

Its impossible to understand the scale of what we have undertaken unless you are a modder and have looked through the unbelievable amount of files in the game. What we have undertaken is enormous and it is constantly changing because we are always coming up with new ideas or deciding on things we want to change. That's why asking "When will Wrestling Legends be released?" is like asking "How long is a piece of string?"

We know you guys have waited a long time and we would love to give you an exact date for release but its just impossible and we dont want to disappoint again by setting a date and then not meeting it.

The final roster has been decided on and a roster reveal video will be uploaded as soon as we get the final 10 renders done, hopefully in the next week or so but as Ive said, things constantly change and we just have to flow with it.

Just a little teaser piece of info, the final roster is 274 wrestlers not including CAWs, 100 of those have alt attires so you get an idea of how big this thing has become.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your support, just know we want this finished as much as you do (we want our lives back) but we also want this game to be as perfect as it possibly can be and perfection takes time.